Smart Class Room

The G.N. International Academy is an English Medium School. It is running on the pattern of central board of secondry eduction, New Delhi. It has impreessive building, equipped with modern amenities,electricity........

Smart Class Room G.N. International Academy

The traditional chalk and board method have been made more effective, supported with the Hi – Tech multimedia presentation and animation technology.

*  Smart Class improves teacher effectiveness and productivity.

*  Teachers become resourceful and innovative.

*  Makes learning an enjoyable experience for students.

*  Improves Academic performance of students.

Benefits of Smart Class Concept

*  Students find the sessions in smart class interesting and enriching … it is an innovation in the method of teaching..

*  Smart class has a great visual impact on our learning and it helps students understand and memorize topics better.

*  The smart class program makes the classroom sessions very interesting and interactive..

*  Smart class is bringing digital revolutions in the classrooms. Teaching and learning has indeed become very interesting and effective..